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Marco Scheel – founder of Nordwolle Rügen – as a teenager was always fascinated by agriculture his interest compelled him to offer his help to a neighbouring farm, on his home Island of Rügen. He was immediately taken with the sheep on this farm, watching and learning their versatility, their social behaviour and especially their wool was very fascinating. However, he soon learned that there were no takers for the wool and that it was often disposed of as fertiliser on the fields.

Marco had great passion for textile made from Pomeranian sheep wool; he however could not find any suppliers selling the same.

He occupied himself evening after evening reading and learning about the very old subject of wool processing. He taught himself how to spin, embroider and crochet this led to him making his first hats and socks.

He became more interested in wool clothing which led to the desire to use weaving and fulling as a processing method. He found a few companies in Germany which were still doing this on a small scale. After a personal visit to a spinning and weaving mill, he bought 200 kg of Pomeranian sheep’s wool and immediately had it processed into the first Nordwolle Bolt of wool.

Nordwolle Rügen was launched

Since 2013, we at Nordwolle Rügen have been producing High-Quality-Outdoor-Clothing from the virgin wool of endangered land sheep breeds. One of these breeds is the grey wool Pomeranian sheep.

The wool from the Pomeranian sheep was destroyed in the past partly because it could only be dyed to a limited extent. We think that the natural variety of colours given by the different land sheep breeds should be embraced and therefore not dyed at all. We also think that it is not economically sensible to some extent to import expensive wool from New Zealand and destroy raw materials produced in Germany which are just as suitable for textile production

Nordwolle Rügen would like to contribute to the preservation of the ancient breeds, some of which are kept on pasture all year round. In addition, we want to stand up against the mono-cultivation of the German livestock landscape for example the old land sheep breed can do without South American concentrated animal feed and they can make an indispensable contribution to biodiversity and caring for the environment.

We combine ancient raw materials with the most modern production methods. In our new factory near Wismar, we are constantly developing new and innovative solutions to bring out the best in nature’s high-tech fibres. We do this not only for products from our own production but also for partners and business customers who rely on “made in Germany“ quality.

Our story

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