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A Journey Into The New - Our Portugal Report

In mid-February, Marco embarked on an important trip to Portugal to visit Joao with an aim to learn more about a special breed of sheep and ways to process wool. We take you on this special trip, showing you the different stages Marco visited in Alentejo and what discoveries were made.


This week has flown by; there was an incredible amount to see. First, Marco went to visit Joao our main contact in Estremoz helped us get in touch with the farmers and producers and also help in build relationships. See how Joao shows Marco his warehouses and what kind of wool is stored there. Also find out what our plan is for this fine wool and where our journey will soon take us.


The following day Marco and Joao set off to visit two farms where sustainable and ecological sheep farming is practised. In this film, Marco goes more into detail about these special animals and explains the love affair between this landscape, the cork oaks and the native breed that lives there.


We have a new wool laundry! Marco has found one in Portugal. Here is one of the most modern and water-saving wool laundries in the whole of Europe. Marco tells you in the video how exactly the washing of the wool works and why we are so happy to work with these partners.


Before freshly washed and dried wool becomes a cloth, many steps are necessary. What exactly are the individual steps in the spinning and weaving mill? Marco explains in detail in this video! Watch out, it gets very technical. However, it makes clear how elaborate the production of textiles is.


So far, we have been very proud to implement as many production steps as possible locally. We searched for partners we could visit and with whom contact was uncomplicated. So why are we going to Portugal? Because there are possibilities there that we won't find in Germany. This is in reference to the type of wool we get from the original Merino sheep as well as the processing steps. Thanks to great interest in our work, we are expanding very quickly and with this growth it comes with an expansion in networks, the company and products. We want more! We want to use more wool from endangered sheep breeds, encourage more biodiversity through the associated landscape conservation and find more ways to refine wool which will give more people the chance to make a good living from their work and thus offer you a wider range of sustainably and transparently produced clothing.

It is important for us to have you with us through these important steps and developments and to show you our journey. If you have any questions about our trip to Portugal, feel free to leave a comment or visit our Instagram, Facebook or Youtube.

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