Wool is very easy material to care for, as it does not take on odours and dirt, once dry, it can usually be brushed off quite easily.

The gentlest method is to air it out in the fresh air. If the jacket needs to be washed, it is best to use the wool wash cycle at 30 degrees and a wool detergent.


Since the super-light, voluminous virgin wool padding should not felt, it should be washed at a maximum of 30°C in the wool wash cycle.

Tip: A re-greasing detergent will prolong the life of your wool padding. You can find it in any supermarket.

Our natural hydrophobic treatment is compatible with the environment and is therefore handled differently. If you have washed your 3dX model, you should iron the outer cotton fabric once lukewarm. The hydrophobing is thermally reactivated after washing with the heat. The effectiveness of the hydrophobic treatment decreases after 30 washes at the earliest.


Our cotton lining in the TAMBOR collection and the outer and inner fabric of the 3dX collection can be easily treated with bile soap or "Rei in der Tube" in case there are hard stains to remove.