Here we have summarised the most frequently asked questions from you about sheep farming, our company philosophy, the collections and orders. If you can't find the answer to your specific question here, please feel free to email us at: [email protected].


We regularly receive emails and comments about using the wrong name for the Pomeranian sheep. For us it is the grey wool Pomeranian Land sheep and we refer to the dissertation by Dr. Phil. Nat. Ulrich Gaede.

Unfortunately, we cannot collect small quantities ourselves. If you cannot bring your wool to us in Teplitz yourself, you can find some of our shepherds on the Raw Wool Collection Points page who will accept your wool and forward it to us.

Our shepherds' sheep are used in landscape conservation and are not kept for meat or wool. Therefore, only old sheep that are no longer able to eat properly are slaughtered. Also, young rams have to be slaughtered when they are about 1.5 years old, as only one ram can live in a flock.

Most of our wool comes from organic farms. However, sheep farmers who only practice this privately can also deliver their wool to us. However, it is not possible for us to sort the wool from the different sources in such a way that we could process the wool from the certified organic farms separately.

Marco's oldest sheep is 13 years old and gave birth to twins this year. On average, however, a Pomeranian sheep is closer to 12 years old.


To ensure that your Nordwolle jacket can unfold its superpowers and that you are optimally protected and warmed in all weather conditions, we recommend that you also use wool underneath the jacket. This ensures natural heat regulation and prevents heat build-up.

In our Showrooms in Hiddensee and Rügen you will find all currently available products in all sizes to try on and test. You can also find us at markets and fairs all over Germany. Should you require adjustments to the sleeve length or overall length, we can measure this for you on site and take it into account when ordering.

If you have already ordered a model from our TAMBOR collection and notice that the sleeves or the entire jacket are too short or too long, we will be happy to help you. You can now measure directly on the TAMBOR model how many cm adjustment you need. Then send your model back to us with this information and your address and we will make the desired changes.

Please note:
Extensions will be made again and the current delivery time (as communicated in the online shop) will apply.

However, if you have the opportunity to visit us in one of our showrooms in Hiddensee or Rügen, we can measure your optimal sleeve and overall length directly during the fitting and take this into account when ordering.

For our 3dX collection we can only make sleeve shortening. Further changes would severely disrupt our production flow. The procedure is the same as for the TAMBOR collection (see above).

To produce bolts, a cloth is woven on a loom after spinning. This cloth is then rolled. This is a thermo-mechanical process in which the material is treated with friction and high temperature for up to 10 hours.

The special feature of the fleece is that the resulting rolled loden is roughened on one side. In the process, the cloth runs over a roller with thousands of small barbs that pull fibres out of the material. This makes the surface pleasantly fluffy and the loden has a higher volume.

The dencse bolt is rolled longer than other cloths. This makes it shrink more, makes it more windproof and increases its water-repellent properties.

In our shop you can find bolt samples to order if you want to try it out first.

We have created a detailed size chart for all our products so that you can find your optimal size.

Moths are not a threat to your favourite Nordwolle pieces if you make sure that you keep moving them around. So if you don't mothball them in the summer, but hang or lay them somewhere else every now and then, this is very unattractive to moths. They like quiet corners where they are not disturbed.

Our hydrophobic coating is environmentally friendly and therefore has a different handling. When you have washed your 3dX model, you should iron the outer cotton fabric once at lukewarm temperature. The heat will thermally reactivate the hydrophobic coating after washing. The effectiveness of the hydrophobic coating will not diminish until after 30 washes at the earliest.


Uncompromising could also be replaced here with consistent, but it sounds stronger. It means that we would never trade environmental sustainability, social sustainability and the long-term nature of our project, for more margin or profits.

If you ask allegedly "fair" producing fashion companies why they produce in Asia or e.g. Portugal, then this question can honestly only be answered with low wages. For us, fair means that we would do the job we ask someone else to do under the same conditions. Only then is it a deal of equals. Anything else takes advantage of someone else's predicament (e.g. being born in a low-wage country). We produce entirely in Germany and that's why we are fair!


Our products are all made to order. Our production takes place exclusively in Germany and in small workshops. This means a lot of handwork and high quality. Such a sustainable production process takes more time than if you pre-produce by measure.

We generally only deliver within Europe. Since we also want to act as sustainably as possible in this respect, we do not consider it sensible to send a product to the other end of the world.

Our shipping costs are listed on the SHIPPING & RETURNS page.

If you would like to return a product you have ordered, please fill out our returns form and include it in the package. You will receive an email as soon as we have received your return.

Generally, we do not charge for returns. However, if a product is defective, we will pay the shipping costs and repair the defect.

Yes, all vouchers can also be redeemed for orders in the showrooms. Please bring the voucher code with you.

No, in the interest of sustainability, we only ship orders in full. However, if there is an unacceptable difference in delivery time for individual items on our side, individual deliveries may be made.