Nordwolle is a values-based company. But what exactly does that mean? In principle, all companies are value-based, the only difference is the values that guide those small or large, daily or challenging decisions. We would like to share with you our most important values and explain why we consider them relevant and use them as our compass for the wild waters of our time.

Many of the values are interrelated and interdependent, yet we will address each one individually and explain what it means to us.


We have only this one planet and we should do everything to preserve it. The situation is serious and that is why it is important for us to set a good example and do all we can to preserve our environment and habitat with our actions. This approach is quite fundamental and forms the basis of many decisions. At the same time, we are aware that it is an incredibly complex approach, where there are many different opinions but we refuse to throw in the towel and want to help shape and decide how to proceed.


Sheep love is big, and that love is embedded in something much bigger. That is our fascination for nature, its processes, developments and simply its unique and so diverse beauty. Just thinking about what a beautiful spot on earth the Island of Rügen is, warms our hearts. This attachment is a great driver for what we do and why we do it.


Really living sustainability. Not just talking about it but acting by being regenerative and using what is there without going overboard. In doing so, we look at all areas and take a holistic view of our approach in order to find a sustainable solution because it is only if we act sustainably will we all have a future.


There are other values that can also be derived from our visible actions. Fairness is one of those values that is applied more behind the scenes. Here, it is more about finding a solution that suits everyone and if we cannot find one, we come together in compromise. In this context, fairness goes hand in hand with sustainability, because only those who are fair to their customers, partners and employees can build on long-term and sustainable relationships and thus make a difference together.


The greatest innovation was given to us and comes in the form of the fibre wool. No man-made fibre can do what wool can do and it is applicable in so many areas without endangering our lives on this planet. Our goal here is to find the perfect application for the different wools in this world and to make man-made fibre obsolete. This is the kind of innovation we undertake and we are passionate about.


Come by and take a look! We like to take you with us on our journey because we believe that knowledge about the processes and backgrounds creates a connection to things; and what we know and love may stay for a long time. That is exactly our goal. For this reason, the Werkfestival plays a big role for us. It gives you the opportunity to meet us as a team, and to see where and how things are made, in other words, simply to see where we work our magic every day to make the world a little bit better.


What we make should bring you joy for a long time, and this is only possible if the products are well made to last a long time. This is a process in which we are always evolving. As a small and young company, we have already overcome several hurdles and improved our products. The potential to develop and learn is of course huge in this field that's why we are always grateful for your feedback, hints and comments. This helps in making steps towards producing products with high quality and long durability.


Appreciation is like the salt in the soup, without it would still be edible, but it’s just nicer with it! For us this is very important for all relationships we have, whether with our customers, business partners, shepherds, employees, and everyone who comes into contact with us at Nordwolle. It means a lot for us to build and maintain good relationships based on partnership. Only through long-term and appreciative cooperation is it possible to make a difference in this world and to have a lasting influence on the course of events.