The Nordwolle family is slowly growing and we would like to introduce ourselves briefly as a team on this page. With our views and passions so that you know who you are dealing with.


Founder | “Commander”

The love for nature, the will to create something that lasts and does not harm the world and the ability to bring visions into reality are what characterises Marco, the founder of Nordwolle Rügen. He takes care of the individual production steps, communicating with our partners, new product ideas and so much more.

"I think it's cool to show that you can also run a company successfully without creating new needs in the customer. We're just satisfying an already existing, natural need for personal insulation."


Facility Management

Falk is our facility manager an all-round talent. He is the one who makes alterations on the factory premises and in the showrooms, takes care of the sheep from time to time, but can also be found at the quilting machine. You simply have to like him; he maintains a cordial relationship with all his colleagues.

"Producing a regional-ecological product that also feels good; a familiar togetherness and all that under old roofs...what more do I want..."


Assistant to the management

While having and raising 5 wonderful children Katrina studied economics in Berlin. She later was the manager of the women's meeting place in Wismar; an open meeting place for women with and without refugee experience. Marco then asked her if she would rather work for him as his right-hand woman.

"In my economics studies I learned a lot about neoliberal economics; the dominant current in teaching and also in real economic activity. I was always skeptical about it and interested in other ideas and new concepts. For me, Nordwolle is a real and above all successful counter-project to the prevailing theory and practice; I find it very exciting and inspiring to work for the company."



A trained tailor, Irina worked for various fashion designers and in the pattern department of a larger fashion company before joining Nordwolle Rügen. Irina is a very health-conscious person and appreciates that all the fabrics we work with are free from harmful substances. She manages and organises our own sewing room and she also sits at the sewing machine on a regular basis.

"I find it exciting to work for a company with such an unusual concept. I really appreciate the personal, family atmosphere and the opportunity to honestly express my opinion and be appreciated for it. Here you are not a nameless cog, but a valued team member."



In the summer season, Eric can be found in the showroom in Putbus and at the Rügen Market in Thiessow on Rügen. He also looks after our trade fair stands. There he advises you and is available for all questions regarding our products.

"When there was a need, I spontaneously decided to support my brother Marco. It is at Nordwolle that I felt that am doing something meaningful for the first time in my professional life. I am still here and feel very well taken care of in Team Nordwolle."


Sales Showroom Putbus

From May to October you will definitely meet Heiko from Wendland in our showroom on Hiddensee. He sells our products charmingly with passion and conviction.

"Nordwolle stands for ecologically sustainable outdoor clothing in fair production. With "Commandant" Marco (he doesn't like to hear boss) you can work together in a wonderfully uncomplicated, to the point, trusting way. And that’s just my thing!"



Eyal was tired of telling people what to do, in his previous professional life as a managing director in large European companies and then as a management consultant, this was exactly the order of the day. He wanted to be part of a team that was working for something good. That's how he joined Nordwolle and he takes care of the finance department.

"I put all my experience and knowledge into Nordwolle because meaningful work is done here. What we work for here every day creates added value for the world, the people and last but not least the animals."



Henry is a trained locksmith in ship building he then worked for the NVA and the federal government. He is also a trained cook and worked for a long time in the catering industry. At Nordwolle Rügen he helps with all the work in the production hall, such as cutting, quilting, setting up and re-setting the machines, as well as shipping. If needed, he also gives Falk a hand with the rough work on the factory premises.

"Due to my living situation in the rural area of MV, I am very happy to have found a workplace with Nordwolle Rügen, which is easy to reach by bike. Here I get the opportunity to refine an old raw material into something completely new with great colleagues and it's right on my doorstep!"



The kind-hearted Sylke has been part of the Nordwolle team for a few weeks now and as a housekeeper she enriches us here every day with healthy  delicious lunches which gives us the necessary energy to continue working energetically on our vision. She is a trained butcher and cook and has worked in sales for many years. Sylke also lives here in the flat countryside and is grateful to have found such a suitable job for herself locally.

"I like being at Nordwolle because I like the team insanely, I can contribute and implement my knowledge about healthy nutrition here and I have found again employment that I enjoy."



In 2017, Ahmed came to Germany from Syria. In his home country, he trained as a tailor and worked in this profession for a long time. He has now found his first job in Germany with us. We really appreciate his talents and are glad that he supports us so energetically.

"Because I can do exactly what I do best here - sewing jackets - I really like working at Nordwolle Rügen besides, everyone here is so nice and friendly to each other."